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Lyrics Christian Alexander Pappas - A Beautiful Life

When you open Your eyes
Can You see the things I see
It's a beautiful life
Of bold and untold dreams
Would you believe me if I told you
There is a promise it’ll find you
Living your life with freedom to be free

Oh, I know I don’t quite know what heavens like
But I found the meaning in this life
And I can’t imagine more than this 
When nothings better 
If I’m stuck between these lines 
Oh, I know Your timing’s not like mine 
Would You show me what You see ahead 
Cause nothings better 

When you open your mind
Do you feel the things I feel
It's a beautiful life
And its bursting at the seams
Would you believe me if I told you
There is a God who’d die to find you
Giving His life so freedom could be free
The wonder of a starry night 
The fields I ran through as a child 
Every good and perfect thing 
You never keep beyond my reach

When I finally realised 
Just how deep Your love is wide 
I could barely understand how You could love me as I am