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Lyrics Christian K Anthony - The Cure

Earthside I have tried it all
My fight is more like a crawl
Yeah, I’ve been broken
And I’ve been hurting 
Yeah, I keep searching
But, self help ain’t working
No, self help ain’t working 

You are the cure
The cure I’ve waited for
You are my healing, Lord
The only hope I know for sure
Tho my breath, my flesh may fail
Oh my God, you never will
You are the cure

Heaven It is limitless
Revives what once was dead
I see your hand reaching 
Hear your love preaching
Feel your breath breathing
My still heart starts beating 
My still heart starts beating

There is no cancer that will have victory
And no addiction can keep it’s grip on me
No fear, depression, dependance, obsession
I said, no fear, depression, dependance, obsession
Can have my heart Cause you have my heart