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Lyrics Christian Kevin Quinn - I'm Still Breathing

Calling out from the bottom
To my friends cause I lost ‘em
Is anybody out there
Is anybody out there
I wish that they could hear me 
I’m familiar with the feeling 
Feeling like no one cares 
Tell me why they don’t care
The world keeps spinning slow
Down and out of hope
At least I'm not all alone 
Cause even when I lost Your light 
Your love would always make it right
My heart's still beating 
I’m still breathing 
Swear I’ll make it out alive
No I ain’t afraid this time 
My heart’s still beating 
I’m still breathing 
I still got a lot of questions
I’m ready to learn all your lessons
Show me that you’re out there
Show me that you're out there 
Cause you're the grace that I needed
Your spiritual in all your being
Always giving me a reason
To go on, yeah